Our termite warranty offers you and your family security and piece of mind that your home is safe and secure year after year.


Termites can indeed cause significant damage to homes, and repairing such damage can be costly. According to the National Pest Management Association, termites are responsible for causing approximately $5 billion in damages annually nationwide. Individual homeowners can face thousands of dollars in repairs due to termite infestations.

Termites have the ability to damage wood flooring by causing blistering or hollowing it out as they feed on the cellulose within. These damages can compromise the structural integrity of the affected wood.

Considering the potential expenses associated with termite damage, the cost of treating termites and investing in regular annual inspections is relatively minimal. These preventive measures can help identify termite infestations early on and mitigate the risk of extensive damage. By proactively addressing termite issues, homeowners can save significant amounts of money in potential repair costs and gain peace of mind knowing their property is protected.

It is essential to remain vigilant for any signs of termite activity, such as dark areas or blisters in wood flooring, and to promptly address any suspicions of a termite infestation by contacting a professional pest control company. Their expertise and timely intervention can help prevent further damage and minimize the financial impact of termite-related repairs.


The Coastal E Group termite warranty safeguards your property from termite infestations and damage. It includes an initial inspection, necessary treatment, and a specified coverage period. If termites resurface during the warranty, we’ll retreat or repair affected areas at no extra charge, ensuring peace of mind for your home and family.


With our Termite Warranty Program, your home will be safeguarded from the destructive impact of termites. Providing year-round protection using low-impact materials, baits, traps, and monitors, we prioritize the safety of your family and pets. Whether addressing individual termite issues or choosing our affordable regular service bundle, we treat you like family, surpassing your expectations. Our certified technicians inspect, treat, and protect your home from termites and other unseen pests throughout the year. As members of the South Carolina Pest Control Association and the National Pest Management Association, we value ongoing education and delivering industry-leading methods and services.